As a life-long resident of the Northeast, I’ve seen it all.

After dark with dane

I’ve been to every major city and have experienced the best these places have to offer in terms of nightlife and budget travel. So here I am, Dane, sharing with you my travel tips and inspiration.

I was a Boston boy for most of my life, growing up in an expensive city like that you learn a thing or two on how to keep to a budget. Going out on the town or even out to dinner can be a huge drain on the wallet.

When I moved to the suburbs in New York, I kept that frugality. Moreover I got to apply these skills on a larger area – whether it was finding the cheapest cheese steaks in Philly to watching cheap shows in New York City to finding inexpensive, organic produce in Portland.

My goal is to share those tips so you can get the best bang for your buck no matter where you are. I also want to point out some of the best hidden gems located throughout the region. I’ve scoured each city, talked with many locals and I think you’re going to like what you find.

So come along, let’s go, I have a lot of great tips to share.